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Membrane Systems Services

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China oil Karamay Petrochemical Company 

China petroleum Dushanzi Petrochemical Corp 

China petroleum Tarim Petrochemical Industries Co.,ltd 

Xinjiang Tianye Limited by Share Ltd 

Xinjiang Zhongtai chemical Limited by Share Ltd 

Akesu Huajin Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd. 

Xinjiang Bohu reed industry Co., Ltd. 

Xinjiang Qingsong Building Materials and chemicals (Group) Limited by Share Ltd 

SDIC Xinjiang Lop Nor potash Co. Ltd. 

Xinjiang snxon energy Limited by Share Ltd 

TBEA Xinjiang Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. 

Xinjiang Fulida fibre Co., Ltd. 

The public and Limited by Share Ltd in Xinjiang 

Guodian Xinjiang Hongyanchi Power Co. Ltd.


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